Welcome to Begin Anywhere! We offer pay-per-session remote therapy to all Texas residents seeking mental health support. Our session fees are sliding scale and our stance is affirmative, we are glad you are here.

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    Couples, Families and Individual Therapy


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    Our growing team is screened for affirmative stances and allyship with marginalized communities in Texas. Begin Anywhere therapists are systemically trained from a multicultural lens, practice intersectionality, and are LGTBQIA+ serving. Please look over our profiles below and reach out to one of us today to see if we are a good fit for you. WELCOME!

    Liscenced marriage and family therapist associate, Sarah Francis.

    Sarah Francis

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

    Supervised by Lavelda Naylor LMFT-S 202002



    Individual Therapy

    Couples Therapy

    Childhood Trauma

    Relational Trauma

    Life Transitions

    Grief and Loss

    Self Esteem Issues

    LGTBQIA+ Topics

    Coping Skills


    Are you feeling stuck or not listened to in your relationships? Are you finding yourself having the same arguments? Does it feel like you and your partner are speaking different languages? Or do you simply have a feeling that something isn’t working, that you’re disconnected from your partner or loved ones?



    Set yourself and your relationship up for success by engaging in relational therapy. Together we can understand why you’re both feeling stuck in your relationship and work to create new, healthier communication cycles.



    I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Narrative Therapy which helps ground and facilitate this process. It can be difficult to reach out when you're struggling, so I aim to make the process as easy as possible. Just scroll down to our client portal below and you can easily schedule a session online today. Together we can work towards your goals and into a new phase of your life.

    1401 Lavaca Street

    Unit #214

    Austin, TX 78701

    Phone: 512-298-3066

    • $100-$60 sliding scale
    • Open Path Fee $60
    • Private Pay Only
    • Out of Network Provider
    • Superbills Provided  


    Immediate Openings, for appointment call 512-298-3066 or send message below. Visit my website to learn more about me here. 

    Raisa Nunez

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

    Supervised by Lavelda Naylor LMFT-S 202002


    Relationship Issues

    Multicultural Topics

    Individual Therapy

    Family Therapy

    Couples Therapy

    Mood Disorders

    Spanish / English Speaking

    Strengths Bases Therapies


    Maybe you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, or maybe you don’t have the words for what you are feeling. I believe everyone goes through challenges at one point or another – I am here to help you navigate through those challenges and support you showing up as your authentic self.

    Experiencing life as an Afro-Latina and Dominican American, I am passionate about providing services to individuals and couples in BIPOC communities from a narrative, solution-focused and strengths-based approach. I approach every session from a curious, non-judgmental, and supportive stance to collaborate with my clients and their families to identify and build their strengths.

    I provide virtual services to Texas residents, and Walk & Talk sessions in San Antonio, TX. Virtual sessions allow us to meet from anywhere at your convenience. Having sessions outside can be beneficial to the therapeutic process by allowing you to process your thoughts and emotions differently. I provide services in English, Spanish, and Spanglish.




    • Sliding Scale $80-40
    • Private Pay Only
    • Out of Network Provider
    • Superbills Provided
    • Evenings (T/W/Th 5-8pm)
    • Saturdays 10am-1pm


    Immediate Openings

    Call 210-796-8793 or message below for an appointment, visit my webpage HERE .

    Caitlin Martinez

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

    Supervised by Lavelda Naylor LMFT-S 202002


    Individual Therapy

    Couples and Family Therapy

    Anxiety and Depression

    Emerging Adulthood

    Childhood Trauma


    Relationship Trauma

    Self-Esteem and Identity Development

    Do you struggle with putting yourself first and meeting your own needs? Are you or a loved one struggling to manage your day-to-day life? Does it feel like every time you take one step forward but then something happens that pushes you three steps back? Does it feel like you have little control over your own life?


    This can feel frustrating and overwhelming as well as stir up a thousand other emotions that only make these situations that much more difficult. Let’s explore, untangle, and understand these feelings, thoughts, and behaviors as well as collaborate on ways to cope with them.


    I strive to create a safe place for you to explore the past, imagine the future, and identify possible solutions to make your present-day problems a little more manageable. I work from postmodern, strengths-based models, primarily solution-focused and narrative therapy, which focuses more on exploring your perspective and engaging the strengths you already possess. Reach out so we can explore and develop the next chapter in your story together.

    • Sliding Scale $70-40
    • Private Pay Only
    • Out of Network Provider
    • Superbills Provided

    Immediate Openings

    Message below for an appointment

    Lavelda Naylor

    LMFT Supervisor in Texas,

    Global Relationship Coach

    Individual, Family, Partners



    Relationship Issues

    LGTBQIA+ Topics

    Gender Transition Support

    Ethical Non-monogamy

    Gifted Adult Issues



    Mood Disorders

    Chronic Suicidality

    Religious Trauma

    Childhood Trauma





    As someone who has experienced being seen as the neighborhood weirdo most of my life, I feel especially thrilled to serve marginalized folks who often feel othered by society. I am a long-time intersectional feminist and LGTBQIA+ member so affirming care is fundamental to my practice. My focus in treatment is to create opportunity for self acceptance and personal agency, providing a safe and stimulating space to explore and work towards wellness goals, no matter how complex the issues may be.



    If you are seeking short term solutions to pressing issues, I have a tool belt full of cognitive behavioral and trauma informed techniques to help jump start change around the issues in your life, but if you want to stick around to explore the possibility of more lasting change in your life, we can dig deeper together. My preferred theoretical perspectives for long term growth are grounded in existential philosophy, neuroscience research, and family systems theory. You are in charge of your growth and we will work together to formulate a sensitive treatment plan around helping you achieve your wellness goals. To learn more about my practice, visit my website here.


    • Supervision $70/hour
    • ESA Letter $100
    • Transition Letters $200
    • Legal Fees $300/Hour
    • Private Pay or Insurance
    • $80-$125 Sliding Scale
    • $75 for Therapist/Grad Students


    Oscar Health

    UnitedHealthcare UHC | UBH



    OON out of network




  • Client Portal 

    Are you ready to begin?

    We aim to make getting started as easy is possible.


    To onboard, simply enter the client portal below and create a profile. You will fill out all forms online, which address most client concerns. Once registered in the client portal, you can create a journal, manage billing, send chats, access your forms, and work towards your therapy goals all online. You can even be in charge of your own scheduling!


    Once signed in, check the calendar of your chosen therapist for available appointments and select the spot that works best for you. If you want a standing appointment your therapist will schedule that on their end upon request. Virtual sessions will be held in the portal or via Psychology Today's Sessions Android iPhone platform. If you prefer a different platform, you may provide a link to therapist prior to each session.


  • Contact Us

    Do you have questions?


    Begin Anywhere LLC Headquarters

    2186 Jackson Keller Rd, Ste 2277
    San Antonio, TX 78213 





    Members of the queer and polyamory commuities are welcome here at Begin Anywhere and we support your right to affirming mental health care. As allies and members, we want you to know you are safe here with us.

    Partners Therapy


    At Begin Anywhere, we aknowledge that many well-known models of healthy relationships are heteronormative and monogamy focused. Therefore, we strive to adapt these tools, and learn other perspectives that are more inclusive. To make an appointment for LGTBQIA+ informed couples therapy, or polyamory therapy, message Sarah Francis at sfrancismft@gmail.com

    Gender Transition Support

    We are happy to provide clinical guidance "transsexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming people with safe and effective pathways to achieving lasting personal comfort with their gendered selves, in order to maximize their overall health, psychological well-being, and self-fulfillment" in line with the standards of care put forth by WPATH. For experienced support, reach out to Lavelda Naylor LMFT-S via email lavelda.naylor@gmail.com

  • Bilingual Therapy



    Raisa Nunez LMFT Associate (supervised by Lavelda Naylor LMFT-S #202002) is offering Virtual and Walk & Talk (San Antonio only) Sessions in Spanish, English and Spanglish to Texas based clients seeking this modality at a reduced rate Contact her below.

  • Mandated Therapy


    Legal troubles can be stressful, emotionally and financially, which is why Begin Anywhere is offering convenient virtual therapy sessions at special rates that will help you meet any necessary requirements set by the courts regarding mandated mental health.



    Intake: $50/Individual Session: $35

    Sometimes we encounter situations where the court may intervene, and a judge may order some type of therapeutic treatment. Mandatory or court-ordered therapy can provide people struggling with mental, emotional, or relational issues the help they need to get moving in the right direction. Together, we can collaborate on how to address common issues like anger management, communication skills, parenting education, and drug/alcohol abuse to identify new skills as well as solutions to decrease the chance of re-offense.


    Caitlin Martinez LMFT Associate (supervised by Lavelda Naylor LMFT-S #202002)


  • Supervision




    As the owner of Begin Anywhere, I believe everyone's journey is unique. My approach to MFT supervision is affirmative, authentic, collaborative, and focused on making a safe space for you to grow your systems based skills. I am happy to work within the theories you are experimenting with and explore your populations of interest. We can work together to tailor a supervision program that helps you work towards your career goals from your own unique perspective. The therapy world needs you in it!


    Begin Anywhere is grouded in systems theory and as such, promotes awareness of how our surrounding impact our internal process. It is critical to supervision with me that we examine our life experiences and test out how they inform our views of clients and their issues, of clinicians and their work. Person of the Therapist work allows us to open these doorways, to challenge our process and account for our biases, and then better and more objectively meet the needs of our clients. We will work together on personal accountibilty from this angle to enhance your work, after all results are your best advertising to grow your brand as a therapist.


    Plus, I have been in private practice for 10 years-- since right out of grad school-- so I am able to provide support on how to start, grow, and maintain a thriving private pay practice in the state of TX from jump. I am happy to share what I have learned through the years and watch you build your brand, exploring your professional goals along the way to full licensure. There is enough success for everyone that we don't need to compete, so I would I love to be a part of your success story in some small way. 



    If you think we might be a good fit for Begin Anywhere or for Supervison with Lavelda Naylor, please submit a cover letter about your clinical interests in working with me, your resume/CV (with references), and if you are applying for supervision, a copy of your unofficial graduate school transcript below. I will get back to you to schedule an interview so we can meet virtually.

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    Supervision applicants residing in TEXAS can expect to pay $70 per individual ONLINE supervision session and $40 per ONLINE group supervision session if accepted as an LMFT-A under my license. Generally, both types will be offered to each supervisee.

    Motivo is an online host for clinical supervision across the US that connects us to supervisees. Their platform manages appointment, billing and hours logs all in one easy, convenient place for members, to explore fees and sign up requirements click here.



    I am listed on Motivo online supervision, if you are a member there I would be happy to set up an interview with you to see if we are a good fit. Here is a link to my bio on their website.


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    NOTE: While these posts are not a substitute for therapy , the information is based on research articles, books, publications, and outcomes of client work across my years as a therapist. I hope these tools help you in some way.

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